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Ambivo facilitates

social interactions via

instant messaging




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-- Connect with People

-- Web Chat

-- Create Listings

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Media Show Creator

Video & Web slide-shows

photos & videos

Voiceover & Captions

Background Music and Effects

Web Chat & Listings


Connect with other People. Create Listings of events, classifieds or Services. Share Media and Files. Engage  via  Web-Chat  and  Email.

Mobile Instant Messaging


One Tap Instant Messaging, Location Tracking and File Transfer


Video Maker, Media Content


Create Video and Online slide-shows. Order Photo Prints directly from your phone. Enjoy Social and Premium Media Content.

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About Us

Ambivo, Inc is a cloud based multi-media communication platform. It facilitates global interactions via instant messaging and media-shows .

Ambivo is head quartered in San Francisco, California with offices in India and Russia. Ambivo was founded in 2009 with a simple mission to facilitate social interaction via videos, pictures and more recently with multi-media instant messaging.   Ambivo is pronounced Am-bee-vo and is a play on words of Ambient (surroundings) Vo(Voice or Vocal) hence implying local social interactions.

Ambivo was founded by a team that consists of Enterprise software experts, digital artists, Social Media experts and people who love free exchange of ideas and creativity expressed via spoken language, music, art, photography or movies.

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