How To Use Ambivo Messaging for iPhone

How To Use Ambivo Messaging for iPhone

Step 1: Signing In

  • If you do not already have an account, be sure to register as a new user or as a guest


Step 2: Setting Mood & Visibility


Step 3: Street Chat


  • You can enable/disable street chat by tapping the horn icon


Step 4: Posting


  • Set up announcements, advertisements, invitations, and listings for others’ viewing

Step 5: Messaging & Invites

  • Selecting “Tap to post” will lead you to Street Chat


  • If you have no contacts, invite people to join you on Ambivo Messaging!

Step 6: Treasure Chest

  • The treasure chest allows you access to E-cards, stickers, and longer messages. With these, you can get creative and express yourself through customized messages!
  • Messages


  • Stickers


  • E-Cards


Step 7: Managing Settings

  • Once you get to the Settings page from the home menu, you can add and delete contacts, edit privacy settings, edit visibility, and change map settings


Step 8: Push to Talk


  • If you do not have any contacts yet, you can add people from here

Step 9: Conversations


  • Send messages to other users or groups of users online

Step 10: Using the Photo and Video Cameras


  • Tap the camera icon to toggle between front and back-facing cameras
  • Hold the photo or video camera icon down to record


  • When you let go of the icon, the camera will take the snapshot/end the recording, and you can send your photo or video

Step 11: Using the Palette Tool


  • You can upload your own pictures to edit and send


  • Drawing is easy with the palette tool! Just set your color, transparency level, point size, and draw!


  • You can also filter images, add text, and erase drawings

Step 12: Logging Out