Modernize your Interactions

Three Easy Steps.

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1. Create Your Profile

Create Your Profile on Ambivo with one  or more Email addresses, cell phones numbers (for SMS) and live chat availability options.

2. Create Your Interaction Widgets

Create one or more Interactive Communication Widgets that enables others to interact with you using your preferred channels of communication – Email, SMS or Chat.  Each Widget is  context sensitive and provides interaction analytics – number of visitors, location and deliver visitors messages, SMS or live chat requests.

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3. Place the Widget on your site or content Postings

Dynamically link the Widget with your profile or content Postings or place the 3-line embed Java script provided by the widget on your web site . Postings  are a great way to highlight your products, services or website.  Each Posting can have its own Interaction widget that  tracks the number of views, visits and receives inbound messages for Email, SMS or live chat.