Using Ambivo Messenger via Web

Step 1: Open

  • Log in
  • Allow/Deny location access



Step 2: Invite Contacts


Step 3: Customize Status

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Step 4: View Postings


Step 5: Creating Your Own Posts

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Step 6: Messaging Users

  • By Chat – Click on user


  • By E-mail – Drop down menu: Send


Step 7: Editing Your Profile

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Step 8: Getting Profile Points

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How To: Use Ambivo Messaging on Android

Get the Cool Ambivo Messaging App for Android



Ambivo Messaging  - Location Chat, Postings & Fie Transfers All in one!

Step 1: Signing In/Up


  • If you already have an account, go to the Log In screen and enter your Sign In information. You may also log in as a guest; however, guest accounts will limit available features.


  • Enter the required fields into the Sign Up and registration screens, if you have not already registered.

Step 2: Adjusting Settings

  • To adjust your personal settings, open the home menu, then select “Settings.” Reconfigure any settings with the touch of your finger.
  • To adjust your contacts list, select My Contacts. Click on the magnifying glass at the top of the screen. Enter the name of a contact in the text field, then press “Search for Contact.” If the contact you seek does not exist, you can press “See, if…” to see if someone from your Address Book is already connected to Ambivo Messaging. To add a found contact, click +.
  • To delete a contact, select the red circle with a white – sign.
  • Click on the Requests tab to view requests, and click on the My Requests tab to view requests you’ve made.
  • Select “My Details” to edit personal information. You will be able to change information regarding your password, profession, and cell phone number. To save your information, select the green “Done” button at the top of the screen. Pressing the “go back” arrow will return you to the Home Screen
  • Adjust your Location Visibility – you decide whether you want people to see your full address, your city only, or if you want your location to remain private


  • Select the avatar and a message will pop up, reading “Where do you want to take pictures.” Select “From Camera” to take a picture with the phone’s camera OR select “From Gallery” to choose a previously taken photo.


Step 3: Sending Messages


  • Sending a message couldn’t be easier! To send a message, click on the Contacts tab, then select the mail icon and type your message.

Step 4: Changing Moods

  • Tap on the face icon that appears on the home screen and select a mood and visibility setting.


Step 5: Managing Contacts


  • From the Home menu, select “Invitation.” To send an invitation via e-mail, fill out the E-mail text field and select the blue button “Invite via mail.” To send an invitation through a text message, enter a friend’s cell phone number into the corresponding textbox, and tap the button “Invite via sms.” To delete a contact, click on the letter icon. Click the delete icon and confirm by pressing “ok” on the popup.

Step 6: Creating Groups


  • To create a group, tap on the Contacts tab from the Home menu. Select “create group” and choose the desired contacts and enter a name for the group in the designated text field. Press “create group,” then “ok,” then “done” on the following pop-ups.

Step 7: Posting

  • From the Home menu, click on the Posting tab. Tap on the green “New” button then select a spot on the map at which you want the post to appear. Fill out the blue screen, enter the information, and select “Next” at the top, or to edit a preexisting post, click on the edit post button. To delete a post, click on the red “Delete” button, and select “OK.”
  • A posting is like a public notice – it can be an announcement, an advertisement, an invitation for an event, or a listing; you choose!


Step 8: Street Chat

  • From the Home menu, select Street Chat. Select a contact then enter your message into the text field. Add attachments and emoticons by clicking the corresponding icons, and send!
  • If you want to forward a message (via E-mail or SMS), or copy and quote it, just hold down the message. A pop up will appear, allowing you to choose your action.


Step 9: Using the Message Board

  • From the Home menu, select Message Board to check your inbox. Select a conversation from your Message Board that you want to contribute to, and enter your message in the text field and press send.


  • If you find that street chat is a distraction, pressing the horn icon will allow you enable or disable street chat

Step 10: Using the Camera

  • To send a video, hold down the Camera icon on the right side of the screen to begin recording, and release the icon when you are done. To take a photo, hold down the “Photo” button, and the preview screen will be displayed immediately; when you release the click, the picture will be taken. Select a friend to send the video or photo to, and then press “Done.”


Step 11: Sending an Audio Recording

  • Hold down the microphone icon button, and a popup will appear indicating that the recording has begun. When you are finished recording, release your hold and select a friend to send it to. Press Done to send!



Step 12: Using the Palette


  • Select the Palette icon from the right side of the screen. Click on “From Camera” to take a picture OR “From Gallery” to select a previously taken picture and the picture preview will be displayed. If you are unsatisfied with the picture, press the trash icon and retake it. To filter the image, select the filter icon and select a filter from the menu. To move or tilt a picture, drag the picture to desired position/angle of rotation on the preview screen.  (see above)
  • To draw, click on the paper and pen icon. Select the draw button and set a transparency and diameter using the slider scales. Select a color and shape and draw! To undo a stroke/strokes, press the “undo” arrow, and to redo a stroke/strokes, press the “redo” arrow. To erase parts of the drawing, click on the eraser icon. To add text, select the T icon, type a message, and choose your font, font size, and color. Select “Add” when you have finished editing the text, then done to finalize it. (see below)


  • Select Done when you like the picture in the preview. Select a contact and send the picture! If you want to exit from the palette without saving work, select the X button in the top right corner.

Step 13: Using the Treasure Chest


  • You will be able to see your messages, stickers, and e-cards bought from the store in the treasure chest. To shop for items, select the link “Shop at the store,” and you will be linked to the shop, where you can make purchases. Read and agree (or decline) the Terms of Use; if you agree, you will proceed to the Ambivo Store. Selecting one of the three Question Mark icons will explain the respective label. Selecting one of the three labels will display the screen where you can buy items under that topic. Select “How do I use my purchase.” Scroll through the text in the popup to understand how to use the purchase. Click on Next to proceed, and select Buy for the item you want to buy, then select “Buy” on the Google Play popup.
  • Selecting Home will return you to the Home List, and pressing the “Go Back” arrow will take you to the home screen.



  • Purchasing messaging packs will allow you to send longer audio messages and larger files; up to 200 MB of data can be sent with one message! This is 40 times as large as the standard 5 MB. Packs will vary in time segments: how long they last before expiration. They also vary in maximum size of file transfer, maximum length of audio message, and maximum video length.
  • For detailed information on each pack, press the ? icon.
  • To purchase, press the green BUY button



  • Read the “How do I use my Purchase” text, then select “Next”
  • Select one of the sticker icons
  • This will reveal all the stickers in a bundle and the price of the bundle
  • Find a pack that you like and click on BUY.
  • Select “Buy” on the Google Play popup
  • Until the stickers expire, they can be used an unlimited number of times



  • Read the “How do I use my Purchase” text, then select “Next”
  • Select one of the E-Cards in the dark blue panel
  • This will open up the contents of the pack
  • Select an E-card, and you can see its price
  • Find a pack that you like and click on BUY.
  • Select “Buy” on the Google Play popup


Step 14: Using the Map

  • Select the map icon. Zoom in and out and rotate the map with the touch screen. Tap the Earth icon once to display a global view of the map, and tap the Earth map again to return to the original map view.


Step 15: Logging Out

  • From the Home Menu, select the “Log Out” tab.




New offering from Ambivo – Messaging App!



Cool new Instant Messaging and File Sharing App from Ambivo. Now you can talk to your friends if they have an Ambivo ID either from mobile or from web. No Registration Needed. Your friends need not have the app.


Ambivo Messaging is a messenger & listing app available for Android and other smart devices. Ambivo Messaging uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family – EVEN IF THEY DONT HAVE THE APP! As long as they have a Ambivo ID users can chat with each other either from their phone or from the browser.

Feature Summary

★ MESSENGER EVEN WITHOUT A PHONE NUMBER: You don’t need to have to give away your phone number. Your email serves as your identity and you can enable messaging on any internet connected device include your phone.
★ NO REGISTRATION NEEDED: You can log into the app as Guest with absolutely no registration
★ MULTIMEDIA: Send Video, Images, and Voice notes to your friends and contacts.
★ FILE SHARING: Send files from SD card, drop box, picture gallery
★ SECURE & PRIVATE: You can set your visibility to friends, public, custom group or go completely invisible. Your location and visibility are fully in your control.
★ STREET CHAT: Optionally Engage in conversations happening around you in a 50 mile radius
★ POSTINGS: Location based listing of events, classifieds and notifications.
★ GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group conversations with your contacts.
★ NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Chat with your friends all over the world as long as they have Ambivo Messenger account they can chat with you either from the web or from their device
★ NO HIDDEN COST: You can use it to chat as much as you want for free.
★ OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your push notifications or turn off your phone, Ambivo Messenger will save your messages offline and send you an email or you can retrieve the message from the web or the next time you use the app.
★ AND MUCH MORE: Share location, Exchange contacts, Send Gifts such as Stickers, Sharing large files upto 250MB, Send E-cards, Create Postings such as events (Birth day parties, Picnic location, Concert, Farmer’s market) , Broadcast messages and MMS to many contacts at once and much more!

How To Use Ambivo Messaging for iPhone

How To Use Ambivo Messaging for iPhone

Step 1: Signing In

  • If you do not already have an account, be sure to register as a new user or as a guest


Step 2: Setting Mood & Visibility


Step 3: Street Chat


  • You can enable/disable street chat by tapping the horn icon